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Friday, August 29, 2008

article done, back to the grind

Finished the article on Food Allergies in good time, and the publisher is happy. Now its back to slogging through this rewrite. Okay, its really just another edit, but now I've graduated from the course I was taking to help me complete it, and I'm ON MY OWN. How scary is that.

I got to thinking that even though my novel reads okay, it would be a lot clearer narratively if I changed the order of the chapters. Normally, what happens next is dictated pretty strictly, by well, time. Can't escape that. But, in this case, where so much is happening simultaneously, I have a conundrum. Originally, I went with the hero's chapters trumping and villain's chapters playing second, however,... now I'm thinking that the villain, who knows more at that point than the hero, ought to have his chapter come first, then, as the novel progresses, the hero's chapters could take the lead, subtly, symbolically taking control from his Nemesis until he finally triumphs at the end. Not exactly original, but oh, so satisfying. Is a YA fantasy, remember, so I'm not straining to be literary here.

What cha think?

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