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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Must I really must drag myself outside and into the snow and slush? No way! I'll blog instead.

In my quest to support all the other YA fantasy writers in the world by buying and reading their books, I finished The Book of Time I & II written by the French author Guillaume Prevost a couple of nights ago. Though billed as YA, the books are light weight and read more like middle grade. The action is quick, the vocabulary is 4th to 5th grade level and the character development is negligible. Despite the "Carmen Sandiego"-style visits in history, I still enjoyed the books.

I could not help but be taken aback by how similar the plot premise is to mine. Not that I have Griffin hopping from one century to the next, but the search for the protagonist's missing parents is familiar, as is the time travel element. Is it something in the water?


Emily Cross said...

Hi, How are you? your blog looks brilliant - i love YA fantasy as well!
Actually i just set up a writer's forum called 'the writers chronicle'

i set it up because i felt as blogger and an aspiring author i wasn't connecting, networking or getting the feedback i hoped for from other writers. We currenly have over 30 members, with one releasing a book in july. I'd really appreciate if you dropped by and had a look. There are load of us Fantasy writers about the board.

thanks emily

Taire said...

Hey, Emily, the forum looks great! I joined up and am hoping for the kind of community that will support everyone. All the best.