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Friday, June 12, 2009

For shame!

I have not posted for a whole month!

Well, nothing much has happened on the writing front. I pulled the draft of Morrow Magi out of circulation after that disappointing partial request and subsequent rejection, and have been doing structural changes that are, of course, having a cascade effect on the whole thing. I've also been toying with a science fiction short story which might have some possibilities. I wish I did not tend toward clever twists at the end. As I get older, twists seem more like cheap shots than satisfying conclusions.

Along with archery, I've taken up fencing again! This time, epee SCA style instead of olympic. IT IS AWESOME. I got a little freaked at first because I forgot what it is like to have someone actually trying to kill you with a sword with a cork on the end, but I'm over that now. Hurts my thighs something awful, but my God does it feel good to stab at someone. All that repressed aggression... kaboom!

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Ms Kitty said...

I wondered what you've been doing.

So you had a request for a partial? Good for you.

Fencing sounds like a lot of fun.