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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A choice is made

On the historical front, I was all set to go 4th crusade and started my research in a serious way. Now, the 4th one was after the 3rd (funny how that works) where Richard the Lionheart was holding sway and making friends with Saladin. Lots of English in that one. No official involvement by Britain or France in the 4th one because they were too busy fighting each other. But the appeal of the 4th crusade was Venice. Did I mention I was once an Economist. Trade practices make me salivate. And here is Venice in all her glory, poised to become the greatest trading center of the world and the undisputed queen of the Mediterranean because of this baldly muricurial crusade. Dishy, right?

My mind slipped off the nooks and crannies of the history books like an oil slick on glass.

I can't quite figure out why. I even picked up Crossed: A Tale of the Fourth Crusade by Nicole Galland, a decent read, by the way, but to no avail.

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Ms Kitty said...

That does sound like a great era to play in. Lot's of things to play with, all kinds of sub-plots and mini-plots.

I'm going to enjoy watching you work on it. Got any ideas yet?