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Monday, March 9, 2009

Going historical, thats historical, not hysterical...yet

So, I've been blabbing, as usual, and getting allot of feedback. Based on this unscientifically selected sample of friends, family, acquaintances and service professionals who cannot politely escape my queries, my next project will be .... a historical romance.

But here is the thing. I love history. Every two years or so I zoom in on one historical period and read everything I can about it. So now I have way, way too many options.

I know, Tudor England has been hot for awhile, but it is so done. Henry and all his wives, Liz and all her lovers, if she really had any at all. It is a really good time to write about: all those plots and factions fighting over money, sex, power and religion. Sweet. But again, so done.

What time period do you think will be the next hottie? Crusades? the repentant Hospitalier, The Children's Crusade... tragic slave girl, too dark, maybe... The Rump... now there is a name with possibilities, throw in a Roundhead decapitation or two, a highwayman... defaming the defamed King John, or King Richard III, or King Stephen... oi, how is a girl to decide?


Ms Kitty said...

It depends on what you are interested in attempting.

There is so much of English history that has been done over and over, it is hard to put a fresh twist on any era.

I think there are more stories to be told from the 'backwater' colonies. From 1500 to 1800, you have your pick of any place in the British Empire. This includes the Caribbean.

Taire said...

Oh, that is a good idea.

T. Anne said...

I suppose it's were your passion is. The Crusades sound enticing. Or maybe it should be what your the most knowledgeable in, that would make the writing process comfortable for you. Good luck!

Ms Kitty said...

Yeah! I thought you would like that.