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Monday, March 30, 2009

Great Editing

Stacy Whitman, an editor late of Wizards of the Coast and Mirrorstone, will do critiques of the first 30 pages of your novel and your query letter. In my opinion, her work is detailed and insightful. She also teaches writing and it shows in her level of interest in plot and character mechanics. She specializes in fantasy and science fiction. Read all about her and her editing service at I think you will agree with me that we are lucky to have an editor with this much talent available to us writers.


Ms Kitty said...

How much does she charge? Will she work on any genre?

I could use some help with my first chapter. I just cut six pages out of it in March.

Got some good feedback on Authonomy, which helped.

Taire said...

Hi Ms Kitty

She charged me $50 for the first 3 chapters AND my query letter. I found her very helpful.

I will check out Authonomy. Thanks!

Taire said...

checked out authonomy, now I'm on. Are you still on there?

Ms Kitty said...

Oh you took the plunge? Great! I'm Katj270 on If I can get the link to save I will post it.

The name of the book is 'Let's Do Lunch' it was in the top 20 of the romance chart. A huge zip up since I fixed the first chapter. I think I have a hook now.

Anyways, take a look. you can reach me at too.

Ms Kitty said...

PS - I posted the feed back I got from the ABNA contest.

Not too bad for a first effort. Just disregard the crack about the Egg salad sandwiches. It threw me for a loop, then I decide to ignore it. Everything else they said was so much nicer. (G)

Ms Kitty said...

I found you on Authonomy. this is my link.

I've watchlisted your book, it will take me a week to get to it. But I will make the effort.

Have fun,